Core Keeper is similar to Stardew Valley, however, it takes place in a cave.

Core Keeper, which was announced today during IGN’s livestream, is a co-op adventure set in “an unending cavern of monsters, treasures, and resources.” The trailer immediately reminded me of Stardew Valley, if all of Stardew Valley had been relocated to its caverns. Caves, after all, may be just as snug as farmsteads and hamlets. Plants […]

Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller that reminds me of Silent Hill and Syberia.

Camera angles are fixed. Animations that are clumsy. Clues jotted down in a lined notepad. Puzzles with moving blocks. Broken Pieces, which debuted a new trailer at the IGN Expo on Friday, strongly reminds me of early 2000s 3D adventure games. The “psychological thriller” aspects then appeared at the conclusion, with psychedelic flying pebbles and […]

Steelrising: What if the French Revolution was fought by robots?

Spiders, the developer behind the action RPG GreedFall, is back with another game that isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds, and IGN’s Summer of Gaming Expo just gave us our first in-engine look at it. What is it? It’s Steelrising, an action RPG in which the French Revolution is reimagined as the French Revolution, […]

In OlliOlli World, skateboard tricks are the most precious money.

A new trailer for OlliOlli World has been released, making its premiere at IGN’s Summer of Gaming Expo. A frogman pitches us on Radlandia, a skating utopia full of anthropomorphic ice cream people and intricate, impossible skate courses. If you’re not acquainted with OlliOlli, it’s a new generation of skateboarding games that was one of […]

The Forgotten City, a time-loop mystery will be released on July 28th.

In The Forgotten City, you journey 2,000 years back in time to discover what happened to take out an entire Roman city. A time loop will assist you in solving the mystery by allowing you to experience the city’s final day while you explore. The city is cursed, and if even one of its citizens […]

This August, Skatebird flips out.

Skatebird’s miniature Tony Hawks (get it?!) will be hitting the parks later this year, according to a new clip shown at IGN’s Summer of Gaming conference. Skatebird, the ideal name for a perfect pitch, is an arcade skating game similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with one key distinction. The skaters are little birds spinning […]

DLC for Soulslike Mortal Shell will be inspired by Bloodborne’s trick weaponry.

Because of the Souls series’ phenomenal success, numerous games have attempted to copy it, and virtually all have failed miserably. Last year’s Mortal Shell received a fairly respectable 80 percent from Rick Lane, who stated that “it gets the attraction of Souls in a way that many imitators don’t while adding just enough modifications to […]

This strange new horror game is based on eerie Nordic fairytales.

This is one of the strangest trailers to come out of E3 so far, having been revealed during the IGN Expo. Bramble: The Mountain King is described as an “adventure/horror game centered on evocative locations, high-end visuals, dramatic moments, and relaxed gameplay” by creator Dimfrost Studio. The teaser, which is a combination of cutscenes and […]