In July, Rust will receive a free Nvidia DLSS speed boost.

Nvidia is adding DLSS—Deep Learning Super Sampling—to Rust, along with a slew of other titles, early next month.

On July 1, DLSS support for the survival game will be available. It works in tandem with Nvidia Reflex, which was implemented in May to assist minimize system latency. The update could provide gamers a substantial performance boost in what has typically been a poorly optimized game.

Despite its servers physically catching fire at the start of the year, Rust has had a successful year. The game had a major graphic makeover a few months ago, giving it a “new appearance” and rebuilding portions of the environment. The junkyard was revamped, and bush displacement was changed to make base-building simpler.

Nvidia is also providing the DLSS treatment to Lego Builder’s Journey and Doom Eternal, in addition to Rust. DLSS support for Lego Builder’s Journey will be available alongside the game’s June 22 release date, while Doom Eternal will receive DLSS support when the ray tracing update is released on June 29.

Linux users will get a piece of the supersampling action as well, with Vulkan game compatibility coming to Proton on June 22. Later this year, more support for DLSS-enhanced DirectX games running on Proton will be added.

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