A stunning new Stray trailer depicts a cat’s travels amid a decaying robot metropolis.

Stray, an action-adventure story about a cat lost inside a bright cyber-world, was revealed during Sony’s PlayStation 5 announcement event in 2020 with a “beautiful” video. We got a closer look at that weird (and, yes, gorgeous) gaming environment at today’s Annpurna Interactive online demo, and how you—like a cat—will live, travel through, and eventually escape from it.

The latest video delves further into the game’s mechanics: As an injured cat separated from your family, you must navigate a neglected, run-down, and extremely hazardous metropolis, solving basic puzzles and uncovering secrets along the way. As far as dirty, decaying metropolitan environments go, it appears rather standard at first, but it quickly becomes obvious that this is not the reality we live in. And, while you, like a cat, will be largely helpless initially, you will meet friends and gain new talents and equipment that will let you engage with the environment in more diversified ways—including the capacity to put up some offensive when the situation becomes sticky.

However, it appears like simply being a cat will be your best bet: “Running quickly, leaping, and utilising stealth to dodge threats will all be important if you wish to leave the city and be reunited with your family,” Blue Twelve Studio producer Swann Martin-Raget explains in the video. That purple death beam, on the other hand, appears to be useful.

Stray was supposed to be released this year (as the Steam listing presently shows), however Martin-Raget explains in the video that there would be a little delay: It is now anticipated to be released in early 2022. Meanwhile, you may learn more at stray.game.

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