A Walk With Yiayia is described as a “thoughtful, bite-sized adventure” on the value of family.

A Walk With Yiayia, which was revealed at the latest Wholesome Games Direct Livestream, is a slow-paced “light adventure game/visual novel” in which you’ll assist your grandma to regain her confidence by taking her on a stroll around the neighborhood after she’s suffered a frightening fall.

The game takes place in a lovely greyscale landscape full of exploring possibilities and “micro quests.” It’s intended to be slow-paced and pleasant, with no stress or failure states: it’s all about connecting with others and finding the value of sharing experiences.

Trent Garlipp, the game’s developer, stated that he was motivated to create the game when his grandfather died and his grandma moved into his parents’ home. She suffered a serious fall a while later and had to be hospitalized and go through rehab before she could come home.

“She was very discouraged,” Garlipp said. “So, over time, my family would all attempt to encourage her and make her feel more at ease and confident. It’s the type of narrative I hadn’t seen covered in the media before, and it was an unusual experience about which I wanted to write.”

Garlipp believes that A Walk With Yiayia will prompt players to consider “difficult subjects” such as the status of elder care in the United States and the loneliness and hardships that often accompany old age and infirmity. He recognized that it’s a “complex issue” that people are often hesitant to discuss since it’s a tough and even unpleasant issue, but he believes that gaming may help make tough issues more accessible.

“Many other nations have cultures where adult children would never consider putting their handicapped elderly parents to a senior care home,” he added. “However, the United States’ strong concentration on individuality frequently leaves most of these older individuals in the dust.” “According to studies on satisfaction levels in even the greatest senior residences, seniors nearly always feel better when they live with family instead. However, the latter adds a lot of stress and effort to the family person who ends up caring for them.”

“I believe that translating these stories to an interactive medium like videogames can really make you examine the difficult decisions that family members in these situations must make, the patience that they must demonstrate, and the sense of satisfaction that pushing through those trials may offer.”

He also feels that games like A Walk With Yiayia have the potential to attract individuals who do not consider themselves gamers.

“I believe we can gradually close that gap by creating more approachable experiences that are self-contained and do not require prior gaming expertise to enjoy,” he added. “Obviously, I don’t believe you can convert all moviegoers or book readers into game players, but I believe it’s worthwhile to attempt to entice more of them and occasionally break away from the heuristics game creators use all the time without contemplating reconsidering their approach.”

A Walk With Yiayia, a “thoughtful, bite-sized adventure,” does not yet have a release date, but it is available for wishlist on Steam.

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