Age of Empire IV: History class in gaming form?

The Empire Age has always been a game against a historical background, but with Age of the Empires IV Microsoft and Relic Entertainment want to get ahead. The game features documentaries during the campaigns, a period-precise speech and music, as well as art and game design, both world history and the history of the franchise of the Empire Era. When released, Age IV will concentrate on the middle ages, players will begin building chateaux and kings with small rural communities.

Although the game will feature campaigns that will allow the players to learn real-life stories through centuries while players will have hundreds of years of history in one match. Until now, the only declaration was the conquest of Norman from the Hastings war.

The Age of Empires campaigns have always been a part of the wars and tasks you are performing, but they are supplemented by documentary images taken on the spot during Empires Age IV. In reality, they are not always there. The team behind the game claims it’s historic, but it still works to give fans a sense of what they do. It’s easy to see how this can add to the gameplay: skirmishes are enjoyable, but you also can add to the tension if you know why you want to win the battle.

The developer hopes to bring history to life utilizing the audio. Cultures will begin to communicate in the ancient language versions. For example, if you play in English, at the beginning of the game you possibly won’t be able to understand your units, since they would speak an English version that western players don’t recognise. As you advance, though, as the vocabulary progresses to what we speak today you will begin to learn more and more. Likewise, music begins with only a few instruments as the stripped-down score develops in the game as your culture progresses to a complete orchestra.

They also spoke about the past as a Franchise in the Age of Empires and the continuation and evolution of its legacy in Age IV. If you’ve been playing an AoE, the art style will immediately look similar but will have more prosperity, like the golden-lit people who exhibit the job on your houses. The developers also spoke about looking into the architecture of the old match to find out what mechanics and actions were design choices that could be modified and extended due to technological constraints.

As a huge history nerd, I look forward to being able to learn while play as someone who is a fan of the Age of Empire series. I can’t say that during previous games in the series, they taught me a lot. Maybe with Age IV, this will improve. But it looks as if the game allows all old empires and not-so-ancient games to present a lot of historical background during any game mode.

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