Apex Legends Season 9 Is Live

Apex Legends: Legacy is now available, but Season 9 is off to a shaky start. Sticking with the legacy trend, Apex Legends’ ninth season adds new character Valkyrie, new team deathmatch mode Arenas, and new map updates to Olympus, all of which seem to tie in to Titanfall 2 storylines. All we know about Legacy is compiled below.

Season 9 isn’t simply named “Season 9,” which is an oddity. The next season is simply referred to as “Legacy” by Respawn. Seasons before this one have been numbered and called, such as Season 4: Assimilation and Season 8: Mayhem. However, the current season is simply referred to as Legacy.

Legacy is now live, beginning May 4 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. You’ll have to download the update in order to start playing. Updates sizes are listed below, by platform.

  • Xbox: 53GB
  • PlayStation: 29GB
  • Steam: 8GB
  • Origin: 12GB

The Apex Legends Season 9 patch notes have been posted by Respawn, and they are jam-packed with updates. The Peacekeeper has returned to land loot in terms of weapon adjustments. Furthermore, Skullpiercer Rifling and Hammerpoint Rounds have been withdrawn, while buffs have been added to the weapons that use them.

Lifeline saw a much-needed overhaul in terms of character boosts and nerfs. Octane now has more health by using Stim, and Fuse now has two Knuckle Cluster charges per cooldown. Several other characters, such as Loba and Horizon, have also been altered.

Apex Legends Arenas is a new permanent mode. Arenas coexists with Battle Royale, which is overseen by Titanfall 2’s Ash. Arenas was influenced by auto chess at first, then developed into a 3v3 round-based team deathmatch with a format comparable to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant.

Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara epitomises the new season’s legacy style. Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper, one of the Apex Predators confronted by Titanfall 2 protagonist Jack Cooper. Valkyrie transforms into Apex Legends’ first aerial-based character by using the ashes of her father’s Northstar Titan as a jetpack.

Valkyrie’s skills as a recon character are oriented toward information collection and squad movement. She can use her jetpack for both reconnaissance and attack, hovering in the air for a bird’s-eye view and raining missiles down.

The Bocek is a Marksman weapon, which joins the G7 Scout, Triple Take, and 30-30 Repeater as new Apex Legends firearm classes. Arrows, a modern ammunition type used by the Bocek, pass through the air quietly and do not snap on impact—missed shots can be stolen from the ground, and shots that hit their target can be looted from dead bodies.

A parasitic plant has infested Olympus as a result of a mysterious ship crashing into the floating port. This brings a new attraction to Olympus named The Icarus, which is situated between Bonsai Plaza, the Solar Array, and the Orbital Cannon. The Icarus is packed with dead crewmembers, one of whom may have a keycard that can be used to unlock the ship’s bridge, where awesome- and legendary-tier loot can be contained.

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