Arboria, a squishy mutant roguelike, will depart Early Access in August.

Arboria, a dark fantasy roguelike that has been on Steam Early Access for a little over a year, will be released this August. You play as a mutant warrior who dungeon explores to discover the mysteries of their tribe, but it’s also a wonderful excuse to beat up some beasties, as announced at this year’s PC Gaming Show.

The word “dark fantasy” is used around a lot when discussing games, but I believe Arboria really embodies it. The graphic aesthetic of the game is the first thing that strikes you after viewing the trailer. The mutants and animals have an almost sickening appearance, a gooey combination of flesh and bones that makes them look very unpleasant but unique. The randomly constructed dungeons also feature a strange neon bloom, as if everything has been sprayed with glow paint. Arboria would be a fantastic nightclub if it weren’t for the horrific abominations that wander its depths.

Arboria, which will be released on Steam in August, is a game that is both beautiful and terrible. If you want to try before you buy, Dreamplant offers a free trial that you may download.

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