Archvale, a 2D Zelda bullet hell

Verdi’s Requiem is, without a doubt, the most frequently sung choral piece in the classical canon, and for good cause. It’s such a banger that even churches used to think it was a bit much, and you can hear it everywhere because, well, it just makes everything seem a lot cooler. Archvale has numerous creative ideas, but placing the above video to the requiem was an especially excellent one because now I’m excited to play a 2D RPG jam-packed with firearms. That’s exactly what Verdi would have desired.

Yes, that appears to be Shovel Knight at some point: he truly gets everywhere. Archvale is a role-playing game based on an “ever-changing map” filled with dungeons, villages, and riches.

The gameplay, on the other hand, is pure bullet hell, with the game including hundreds of different weapons and objects, some of which are produced by defeating specific adversaries. Furthermore, your character may be enhanced with numerous benefits (‘badges’) to add swishy moves that suit different styles.

This summer, Archvale will be available on Steam.

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