Army of Thieves is a comedy heist film which is also a prequel to the Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. It took place years before the event of the Zombie outbreak. It is about a mysterious woman who recruited a bank teller to help her crew to crack 3 legendary safes around the globe. The storyline is just okay. It is straightforward without any plot twist. Even though the film genre is comedy, I feel like it has no obstacles in the story itself. Most of the time everything goes according to their plan which made the film kind of boring to watch without any real threats to the characters. Also, the safe cracking scene did not make the safes looks legendary as we were told. The comedy is there but I do not think it is enough to recommend this film just of the comedic lines. Plus, the characters do not have any good development that we as audience can enjoy. Overall, 5/10. It feels like it is just another film that you can skip.

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