Astria Ascending : A Gorgeous Indie Final Fantasy

The newly revealed Astria Ascending is stunning, but that doesn’t mean its planet isn’t in need of saving. Astria developers Artisan Studio have assembled a team of warriors, as you will when your dream world is invaded by villain. Their upcoming turn-based RPG features Final Fantasy production talent to help pull the universe together. More on Astria Ascending can be seen in the latest announcement trailer.

Astria Ascending is being produced by Artisan from Quebec, Montpellier and Canada, and it includes contributions by respectable JRPG names—mainly Hitoshi Sakimoto’s (Final Fantasy 12, Vagrant Story), and Kazushige Nojima’s writings (Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 7 Remake).

Astria Ascending has a vast, hand drawn 2D art world. The teaser is lore-heavy and moves into the fundamentals of the universe. A nation called Orcanon, where diverse mythical races and civilizations exist in peace, is explored by players. According to Artisan, the planet offers a “fully animated 2D environment with five cities and a complex weather system.”

The players can take on the Demigods, the task of which is to battle the Moises — monsters floating in the world that disturb the world order.  In the game you can select from a variety of awesome races, abilities and eight custom player characters” as you build a squad of heroes.

Julien Bourgeois, Artisan Studios Game Director, said in the press release: “We tried to investigate how people deal with Astria’s ascending in exceptional times. “Every hero has a specific viewpoint, but they really make the whole thing come alive through their relationships with each other.”

Astria Ascending is in development on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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