Back 4 Blood now has a trailer that looks fantastic.

Turtle Rock Studios has published a new Back 4 Blood trailer emphasizing the PC version of the game, and all I can say is: finally, this game gets a trailer that makes it seem fantastic. This showcases different settings and bosses, all of which had me panting in zombie-killing eagerness, as well as a banger of a soundtrack that emphasizes how nice it’ll look on your setup.

The game will be released with 4K resolution support, an uncapped framerate, NVIDIA DLSS, ultrawide and multi-monitor compatibility, cross-play, and a slew of other graphics and visual quality choices. All of this will be available in open beta from August 12-16, which you can sign up for here (there will also be an early access period from August 5-9, but just for those who have pre-ordered).

Back 4 Blood is, as we all know by now, essentially Left 4 Dead 3, created by several of the game’s developers and seen on the program. We’ve all played a million co-op wave FPSs by now, but Left 4 Dead remains the ultimate daddy: not only for the action but for the ambiance, the pacing, the variety of opponent kinds, everything. What I mean is that the phrase “co-op zombie shooter” seems generic and uninteresting, but if prior performance is any indication, this will be the polar opposite (and it has PvP too).

On October 12, Back 4 Blood will be available on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store. PC gamers will be able to play alongside PlayStation and Xbox owners right away, which is a great touch that hopefully becomes the norm for this sort of game.

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