Battlefield 2042 maintains Nvidia partnership and will enable DLSS and Reflex latency improvement.

The “exclusive graphics platform” for Battlefield 2042 is Nvidia, and the next 128-player shooter will feature “next-gen GeForce RTX gaming technologies” (also known as cool reflections), Nvidia DLSS, and Nvidia Reflex latency improvement.

Battlefield 5 was one of the RTX demonstration titles that sparked the “RTX on” craze, so another collaboration between EA and Nvidia comes as no surprise. (However, AMD GPUs fared well in our BF5 performance testing, so owners should be unconcerned.)

Nvidia-specific feature support is available to GeForce card customers. DLSS is Nvidia’s widely utilized deep learning technology, which, in my experience (mostly in Control), does an excellent job of boosting performance without compromising quality.

Nvidia Reflex is a newer product. It’s a toolkit used by Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other multiplayer shooters to decrease render latency by “keeping the GPU exactly in sync with the CPU” so that frames don’t wait in the render queue. It was released last year. (In other words, when you move your mouse to aim, the new picture should appear on your screen a few milliseconds sooner than it would otherwise.) If you have a monitor and mouse, it also includes some sophisticated latency measurement features. We tested Reflex in a few games and saw a slight decrease in input latency, which is good. You may also learn more about the technology by visiting Nvidia’s website.

EA also revealed several new Battlefield 2042 partners today. Its official consoles are the Xbox Series X and S. EA has yet to announce any unique DLC or benefits for Xbox gamers, so this looks to be entirely promotional for the time being. Because Logitech is its official PC peripherals partner, it will feature Logitech’s Lightsync LED control technology and provide “in-game audio settings with adjusted EQ for Logitech headphones.” And, of course, you can’t launch a big-budget game without a storage partner, right? That distinction is held by Western Digital’s WD Black brand. (They do, however, make good SSDs.)

Finally, and most significantly, Polaris is Battlefield 2042’s off-road vehicle partner, and a “genuine” Polaris Sportsman ATV will be one of the vehicles accessible to participants in the near-future battle. Other Polaris variants are expected to arrive as well. That’s exciting!

Okay, not really unless you’re an ATV fan, but we’ll receive some actual BF2042 news shortly. EA Play Live will take place on July 22, and EA has stated that it will disclose DICE LA’s secret mode during the event. According to rumours, it’s a sandbox that uses vehicles and weaponry from past Battlefield games, although we don’t know for sure. Hazard Zone, the other mystery mode, will be revealed closer to the October 22 release date of Battlefield 2042.

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