Beware, a driving horror game shows off a scary map and deadly vehicles.

Cars have only been around for a short time in human history. But there’s still a natural terror in gazing up at your rearview mirror and seeing a pair of headlights following you on a night, perhaps because our predecessors felt something similar when noticing a predator’s blazing eyes in the darkness.

We’ve had our eyes on the driving horror game Beware since 2016, and we played a trial in 2018 that proved to be quite scary and unsettling. You drive a car across a gloomy, foggy environment at night in Beware. That alone is scary, but it gets worse since other cars are filled with terrifying, faceless thugs who ultimately start following you. And if they catch you, horrible things will happen to you.

A new video shows off various parts of Beware’s map, including the eerie woodland areas and dirt roads I explored in the demo, as well as some more industrial places, where enormous trucks leap from the darkness to collide with the fleeing motorist. There are other zones after the movie that look to contain office towers, parking garages, and maybe residential complexes and skyscrapers. I’m not sure I want to know what dwells in those buildings after seeing what’s in the automobiles that follow you.

We don’t know when Beware will be finished and distributed, however, if you’re searching for a sample, one from 2019 is available on IndieDB. If you enjoy the idea of a terrifying driving game and want to contribute to its completion, you may join creator Ondrej Svadlena’s Patreon.

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