Black Skylands, a sandbox RPG in which you control an airship, will be available in Early Access on July 9th.

Black Skylands was an unexpected delight in IGN’s Summer of Gaming showcase. It’s a sandbox game in which you build and customise an airship and use it to explore a massive open world, construct skybases, and develop new armaments. It’s reminiscent of games like Terraria, but with a top-down perspective and at least 200 percent more sky pirates.

The new gameplay clip gives you a good idea of what to expect. The premise appears to be that you take an airship to locate and explore various floating islands teeming with deadly monsters, and then use an array of cannons to blast them up so you may steal the island’s riches and utilise them to develop your own sky stronghold. You may even use a grappling hook to drag foes out into the open sky and drop them into the abyss below.

Black Skylands has previously had a public playtest, but it will now be available on Steam Early Access on July 9th.

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