Bungie will reveal The Witch Queen’s addition for Destiny 2 next month.

The mildewed curtain will be peeled back on Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen DLC on August 24. The showcase will very probably take place on Bungie’s official Twitch and YouTube channels, despite the teaser provided today.

The Witch Queen, which was supposed to be released in late 2021, was pushed back to 2022 owing to the difficulties of developing from home during Covid-19. Little is known about the contents of The Witch Queen aside from the fact that it will have the Guardians battling Savathûn as the main adversary and will be the middle episode in a trilogy of expansions that began with Beyond Light and will finish with Lightfall.

You can learn a lot about Savathûn’s motives here, but she’s already making an impact on the current season’s story, having been exposed as the driving force behind the Last City’s slide into darkness. Those who are prepared to go deeply into narrative details will have discovered that she may already be among us, posing as a pleasant figure. In a little over a month, expect a major season finale twist.

Despite Savathûn’s cunning, gamers believe The Witch Queen will bring another elemental power to the Guardians’ armory, even though Beyond Light’s Stasis power has caused significant balancing issues. It’s also reasonable to anticipate a new location to explore, with Earth’s lush Old Chicago area being suggested as the most likely setting based on the image below, which Bungie teased.

The Witch Queen will be released in early 2022, giving me plenty of time to determine if that black bulbous Hunter helmet is on-trend or a Zoolanderesque faux pas.

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