Call of Duty: Warzone banned 50,000 more cheaters last week

Developer Raven revealed on Friday that over 50,000 cheats were banned from Call of Duty: Warzone last week.

Raven stated in a quick anti-cheat statement on Twitter that the current set of cheats were kicked out in two different ban waves. These waves were mostly (but not entirely) aimed at repeat offenders, accounts that Raven had previously caught cheating on.

Cheaters have long plagued Warzone, and this sweeping ban is simply the most recent attempt to fight them. Raven banned almost 30,000 accounts in a single day in May, increasing the total number of bans to over 500,000 at the time.

This hasn’t prevented cheaters from attempting to break Raven’s battle royale even harder. Activision intervened last week to shut down an “undetectable” and “unstoppable” aim assist hack that utilized machine learning and third-party software to take control of the game anytime an opposing player appeared on the screen.

The dissatisfaction of Warzone players with cheats has spread to legitimate players as well. To defend himself against accusations of unfair play, one world-record-holding Warzone pro used an insane five-camera broadcast setup.

Another ban wave might provide a temporary, but welcome, relief. However, the responses to Raven’s article show a community that is sick of the periodic mass banning and is anxious for a more lasting solution to Warzone’s cheating issue.

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