Classic Boards From Across the Series Are Included in Mario Party Superstars.

Nintendo released Mario Party Superstars on the last day of E3 2021, which contains over 100 minigames and five famous boards from spanning the franchise. Fans panned the most recent Mario Party entries because the online play was not prioritized; however, Nintendo recently restored Super Mario Party’s online play in a surprise update.

Super Mario Party, the most recent Mario Party release, was panned by gamers and critics for its limited board selections. Despite these criticisms, Super Mario Party has become the Nintendo Switch’s ninth best-selling game, demonstrating that fans of the franchise still desire more Mario Party material. Hearing this need and the possibility to earn more from the long-running party game offshoot series, Nintendo has responded with a new entry that claims to address these difficulties.

Nintendo unveiled Mario Party Superstars at its E3 2021 Direct, which includes various boards and minigames from past Mario Party titles. According to the teaser, Mario Party Superstars will have “five boards from Nintendo 64 games” as well as “100 minigames from across the franchise.” Following the precedent set by prior criticism, Nintendo said that “all game modes operate with online play,” implying that players would be able to revisit their favorite boards and minigames with each other without relying on the split-screen play.

Online gaming in Mario Party Superstars will also allow users to join games with random people from around the world, as well as save and continue games at any time. All of the included minigames will enable button control, allowing for more flexible controls, which was another criticism leveled at some of the more recent Mario Party titles. Mario Party Superstars will be released on October 29 and is currently available for pre-order.

As previously noted, Nintendo fans were dissatisfied with the absence of Super Mario Party boards, and Nintendo has taken note. Mario Party Superstars looks to offer the depth and diversity that fans have been clamoring for, with a compilation of numerous previous boards such as Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Force, as well as 100s of famous minigames.

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