Core Keeper is similar to Stardew Valley, however, it takes place in a cave.

Core Keeper, which was announced today during IGN’s livestream, is a co-op adventure set in “an unending cavern of monsters, treasures, and resources.” The trailer immediately reminded me of Stardew Valley, if all of Stardew Valley had been relocated to its caverns.

Caves, after all, may be just as snug as farmsteads and hamlets. Plants can be grown in Core Keeper, however I’m not sure how they survive without sunshine. I’m thinking it’s magic.

Glurch the Abominous Mass, a gigantic blob who joins the adventurers late in the teaser, isn’t so comfy. Anything labelled as a “mass” is a bad thing. (With the possible exception of the impact in Mass Effect.) But is interstellar travel beneficial? In those games, nothing truly works out for anyone. I’m getting ahead of myself.)

Core Keeper supports up to eight people, and though its tunnels are advertised as limitless, there is a plot: you and your buddies are supposed to “unravel the mystery of the ancient Core.”

Core Keeper’s initial release on Steam Early Access will feature a portion of that tale, as well as three bosses, 140 items, and fundamental mechanics like combat, base construction, farming, and cooking. It should be accessible before the end of the year.

“We’ve been working on Core Keeper for about a year and feel like the Early Access version is at a wonderful position in development for people to begin the journey and start playing,” says the developer, Pugstorm, a Swedish firm.

If all goes as planned, the 1.0 version of Core Keeper will be available by the end of 2022. More information regarding the developer’s goals may be found on Core Keeper’s Steam website.

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