CryoFall: Sci-fi base building with buddies

Having the appearance of multiplayer Cryofall, a sci-fi colony simulation and survival game based on Rimworld was published this week to mostly favorable feedback and a large fan base, placing it in the top 300 Steam titles. Cryofall is all about teamwork, with players pitted against a hostile planet while attempting to create a new colony. To do so, players must first learn primitive technology to survive before progressing to modern and more advanced technologies, culminating in futuristic cybernetics and mass industrialization.

Cryofall can be played cooperatively with friends on a private server or as a clan-based, PvP MMO survival against other communities on shared servers. The planet itself is populated by poisonous predators as well as the broken remains of previous, unsuccessful colonization attempts.

The fact that the whole game is released as an eight-hour timed preview is what intrigues me the most about Cryofall. When you know that many people don’t even waste eight hours on games they pay for, that’s a fairly serious vote of confidence in the content of their product from the developers.

AtomicTorch Studio produced Cryofall, which was released by Daedalic Entertainment. Cryofall can be found on Steam or on the official website,

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