Dark Alliance will support split-screen co-op after launch

As the successor to two excellent local co-op games—Gate: Baldur’s Dark Alliance 1 and 2—it was surprising to learn that the third game, simply titled Dark Alliance, would not have a local multiplayer mode. If you remember playing the first two games, you undoubtedly did it with a companion, dashing about killing rats and marveling at the magnificent water. The original game was just re-released on consoles, but it won’t be available on PC until later this year.

It simply seemed weird that Dark Alliance’s co-op would be online exclusively, but happily, that will change soon after the game’s release. Dark Alliance will be having a local, or ‘couch’ co-op after all, as confirmed on a development webcast and then again on Twitter.

“Following the release of Dark Alliance, our top priority will be to offer 2-player split-screen couch co-op on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. We’re working hard to make it ready for our first free DLC release this summer “According to the tweet.

Dark Alliance will be released in only a few weeks, on June 22. It takes place in the frigid Icewind Dale area of D&D, which you may have fought your way through in…Icewind Dale and its sequel. This is a more action-oriented game characterized by Fraser as “D&D for the impatient.”

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