Death Trash, a gorepunk RPG, will be available in early access in August.

Hellscape of pixelated body horror On August 5th, Death Trash will begin its bleak journey via Steam Early Access.

Death Trash, mostly the product of solitary creator Stephan Hövelbrinks, has been providing peeks into its horrible universe for some time. During the PC Gaming Show tonight, the developer provided us a more in-depth look with a new clip that begins, predictably, with our main character puking (and picking that puke back up).

This is not a game for the faint of heart.

Death Trash is an open-ended role-playing game set in a universe where mankind is at odds with massive computer intelligence, cosmic horrors, and (predictably) itself. Dialogue occurs in real-time, allowing you to walk away from a boring chat or blow away those that are particularly grating on your nerves. The teaser provides us a better look at Death Trash’s combat, which is described as a slow, tight, and violent combination of heavy melee weapons and gunplay.

The game’s first chapter will be available for testing in August, including an early Fallout-style global map for navigating between locales. Hövelbrinks plans to maintain the game in early access for around a year, adding new areas of the environment and plot on a regular basis.

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