Devil Slayer – Raksasi : a dark rogue-like indie game

Here’s a cute little indie: Devil Slayer – Raksasi is a top-down action roguelike that feels like a cross between The Binding of Isaac’s dungeon crawling and a souls-likes timing-based combat. GlassesCatGames, a three-person studio based in Guangzhou, China, has been putting the game through the Early Access wringer for many years and has only launched it this week.

Is that on par with Dark Souls and The Binding of Isaac? Of course not, you blunder. Those are two of the greatest games released in the last ten years. But it’s always a lot of fun.

Many searching for a run-based, build-based roguelike crawler will find it here, with a variety of characters to unlock and skills to level up. There’s a lot to learn, with each character having a unique range of weapons to learn alongside their customization and abilities enhancement routes over several runs. It even has this lady with a big hammer and whoops ass. She appeals to me.

As of now, there’s a lot to grind away at in Devil Slayer, which I like because it’s just $12—$9.45 on sale until April 29th. When you improve, the rate of growth accelerates significantly. There are actually six game chapters with a total of 150 enemy forms, and even though I’ve only seen a few of them, I’m going to keep playing. A seventh, epilogue chapter is currently in the works.

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