Earthblade, a new indie game by Celeste creator

Extremely OK Games, the studio behind Indie hit Celeste in 2018, has revealed some information about their upcoming project, Earthblade.

Extremely OK Games has unveiled an overall preview, music snippet and some very uncertain information about Earthblade instead of an official trailer. Maddy Thorson, of Extremely OK Games, calls the release today “a vibe revelation” that “creates the world and its atmosphere.”

Earthblade is called a “2D exploration action game in a smooth universe of pixel art.” The release window is available for “20XX,” so wait before Earthblade can arrive in the next 80 years. Thorson says it will start optimistically within five years from Celeste, so in 2023 it will take longer. “We don’t know how long it’s going to take, it just takes as long as it takes (and it takes a long time).”

“When we were making Celeste, we tweeted everything we worked with every day while we were in a sharing mood,” says Thorson. “But the air of suspense fills this project particularly well, so we chose to reserve it all for a great revelation, which will ideally blast off your socks.”

Here are some more words from Thorson that Earthblade is still in the conceptual developmental stages and perhaps a long way from being published.

“This idea I am so enthusiastic for. In my brain, I can see all the things. You don’t think so, much of the nuances of my mental picture are always pretty flurry and I’m sure that a lot will change. But I can see its overall form and I just feel like what it’s all about.”

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