Endless Dungeon basically an anime space Diablo, with turrets

Endless Dungeon, an excellent-looking roguelike, received a new teaser at today’s Summer Game Fest, highlighting some of the characters and techniques players may anticipate. Amplitude previously created Dungeon of the Endless, and this is a sort of sequel, except that game was top-down pixel graphics, and this is in an isometric 3D format.

One of Endless Dungeon’s main selling qualities, at least for me, is that it looks like an anime Diablo. I enjoy dungeon crawling, but it’s notable how many games in the genre default to a dark fantasy atmosphere. Give me gleaming robots and a space-plague doctor any day.

The game combines action and tower defense for up to three players (you may play solo and then control the entire squad), as well as shooting-based combat and other offensive devices. There’s the normal exploring element, but there are also ‘crystals’ that your squad must protect from adversaries; once they’re destroyed, the run is finished.

The ‘rules’ aren’t particularly earth-shattering. Endless Dungeon harps on about—do anybody really needs to be urged to cooperate in a co-op game?—but this seems like a lot of fun, and I’m sold on the chonky cosmic plague doctor dropping all over the place.

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