Escape from Tarkov: destructible landscape and terrifying APC in an upcoming update

Battlestate Games has published a new trailer for the forthcoming new region ‘Streets of Tarkov’ in Escape from Tarkov. It’s a beautiful clip showcasing some of the new weapons and vehicles coming to the tough survival shooter. It does provide a somewhat deceptive view of the game, but I get why: ‘You’ll run about for 20 minutes then get shot by someone you didn’t see’ is probably not the most appealing pitch for new players.

The most prominent aspect is that this expansion will include destructible scenery, which will be a significant addition to Tarkov’s distinctive perspective on the tactical battle. Not to mention, if my rig is any indication, on your FPS. I’m joking, I’m joking, I adore this game (until I die).

The trailer shows off a lot of this new site, which is quite open and I’m immediately afraid to come but leaves the major revelation until the end. What looks to be a Scav boss (an NPC hostile force) arrives with his crew in a crazy armored personnel vehicle. Escape from Tarkov is a terrible and nasty environment, but it’s never had anything like that amount of weaponry, and I’ll be a very unhappy guy if you can’t hijack it and drive about laughing at other players.

The official description of the map from Battlestate Games contains a fairly witty description of the new area: “The architecture of the complex is dominated by clean geometric shapes and straight lines of the façade.” A vented facade system was installed, which helps to keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The color scheme is understated. The high ceilings and panoramic views will not disappoint. Another feature of the Concordia apartment complex is the ample quantity of subterranean parking spaces—149 parking spots. The courtyard is enclosed and manicured, with useful areas for games, sports, and entertainment.

Streets of Tarkov has no release date other than “coming in future version 0.13.”

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