Expeditions: Rome let you battle or charm your way to victory

The next game in Logic Artists’ Expeditions series, set in Roman times, has been released.

Expeditions: Rome places you in the shoes of a young soldier whose father has recently been killed, prompting you to escape and seek shelter in a military effort aimed at putting down a Greek uprising.

Previous games in the series focused on the Conquistadors and Vikings, with the latter becoming one of the most historically accurate Viking romps on PC.

“I was instantly impressed by how obvious it was that the Expeditions: Viking artists took myths out of their minds and hit the books,” Leana said back in 2017. “As my primary historical focus field, I have a high expectation for Viking Age games, and this one sure has you doing a lot of the stuff a viking ruler might have seen himself or herself doing.”

As fans of the series will note, it’s not just about crushing as many opponents as possible. Expeditions: Rome will rely on the decisions you make, such as how you talk to your fellow troops, where you stand on the political continuum, and how you treat yourself within the ranks.

There’s complete character customization, arms and armour to loot, and a variety of companions to accompany you on your quest to conquer Rome. The game will not only take place within its boundaries, but will also transport you all over the world, including North Africa, Greece, and Gaul.

There is no definite release date yet, but Logic Artists says it will be available later this year.

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