Fallout 76: Steel Reign is available today, and it includes legendary crafting and the conclusion to the Brotherhood of Steel narrative.

Steel Reign, Bethesda’s 28th update for Fallout 76, was released today, bringing a conclusion to the Brotherhood of Steel narrative and adding legendary crafting.

It’s a substantial update with a lot to unpack. The Brotherhood of Steel arc concludes with the Steel Reign questline, with the plot continuing dependent on the decisions made during Steel Dawn. You can begin the new missions if you are at least level 20 and have finished “The Best Defense.”

The game will also have a legendary crafting system, which will allow you to upgrade normal goods into legendary ones or re-roll stats on existing legendaries. You may also use it to increase or decrease the star rating of your legendary goods. Using a higher-star Legendary Upgrade will raise the item’s level and re-roll its characteristics, whilst lower-star upgrades will decrease the item’s level and re-roll its attributes. Bethesda has also added several new characteristics, as well as boosting and nerfing some old ones.

K.D. Inkwell has also returned following her appearance in the Steel Dawn update. This time, she’s been entrusted with fleeing some strange, messed-up future in which dolphin-human hybrids are supposedly converting the few remaining humans into brainless thugs. There are 100 ranks to reach, each with its own set of prizes.

Minerva, a new vendor, is on her way, and she’ll be present at Minerva’s Emporium and Minerva’s Big Sale. The former will take place from Monday to Wednesday, while the latter will take place from Thursday to Monday. She’ll have goods that vary regularly that you may get in exchange for gold bullion.

Bethesda has also increased the maximum ceiling on wallet coins from 30,000 to 40,000. The daily vendor quota for gold bullion has more than quadrupled to 400, while the player cap has more than doubled to 10,000. The daily vendor limit for Scrip has been increased to 300, with players being allowed to carry up to 5,000. There are new prizes for Meat Week in August, as well as an increase in C.A.M.P slots and S.P.E.C.I.A.L loadouts. As usual, a slew of bugs has been eliminated.

The amount of the update varies depending on where you downloaded the game. Bethesda.net will receive an 8.7GB upgrade, while Microsoft Store gamers will receive a 15.9GB update, and Steam customers will receive a 7.1GB update. The complete patch notes may be seen on the Fallout website. However, this isn’t the end of the game’s content in 2021; more is on the way later this year, according to Bethesda’s roadmap.

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