FFVII Advent Children now in 4K HDR

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children — 2005’s spinoff movie, CGI, which dared inquire, “How much more complicated was the already fascinating, complex history of Final Fantasy VII?” — this summer is receiving a 4K HDR remaster.

On June 8th, the newly revamped version will be available to fans of Final Fantasy, who also will appreciate the PS5 upgrade to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on July 10th. A week of plot whiplash is expected to arrive.

One might believe that Advent Children will be a positive step ahead for fans who just played the modern Final Fantasy VII Remake in preparation for potential reconstruction. I can tell you that this instinct is mistaken. The film is a pseudo-film of the dramatic and often bewildering narrative of the original Final Fantasy VII game and is mostly based on an intimate insight into its turning points. In comparison, Final Fantasy VII Remake offers you only a split of the saga.

Though the science fiction storytelling was somewhat stubborn, Advent Chthers was a significant boost when it first appeared in 2005 for fully animated CGI films. Fans with the best look at beloved characters such as Cloud and Tifa were offered at the time in full 3D style, with designs and fighting scenes, which only the blocky graphics or CGI of the original PS1 had suggested. And though the movie itself was since eclipsed by the much more predictable (and playable) Final Fantasy VII Remake, the re-imagination owes much to Advent Children’s base.

The upcoming re-release is part of an ongoing renaissance for the sometimes unappreciated movie. Advent Children also recently got a call-out in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: when Cloud’s longtime nemesis Sephiroth was added as a DLC character, Smash Bros. also updated Cloud’s Omnislash attack to match his multi-sword version from the movie whenever you equip him with his film-inspired outfit as well.

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