Final Fantasy 14 has recently surpassed the concurrent player record on Steam.

According to SteamDB, Final Fantasy 14 has 47,542 concurrent players in the past 24 hours. That surpasses the previous high of 41,200 achieved in June 2020 when gamers returned for the Shadowbringers expansion (numbers courtesy of SteamDB). The truth is, those gamers aren’t here this time because of any fresh Final Fantasy 14 enhancements. Endwalker won’t be available until November. They appear to be dissatisfied World of Warcraft gamers who have followed prominent WoW streamers such as Asmongold into another MMO while WoW is in a slump.

That peak in player numbers occurred just one day after Asmongold began broadcasting it to over two million followers. CohhCarnage has lately picked it up as well, so he’s not alone. Their viewers, as well as those of every other World of Warcraft broadcaster who became unsatisfied with the 218-day wait for the Chains of Domination upgrade, have been receiving a taste of the finest MMO you can play in 2021. So far, they appear to enjoy it.

In the past, all it took for Blizzard to reclaim WoW gamers was to hit a home run with the following update or expansion. Maybe that will happen again, or maybe FF14 will be able to keep these new gamers. According to what I’ve heard, it’s a critically praised MMORPG with a free trial up to level 60, including the Heavenward expansion.

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