FNCS All-Star Showdown combines competitive + creative mode

The Fortnite Champion Series is merging with the game’s Creative mode to create a new type of tournament powered by user-created content.

The FNCS All-Star event will take place from June 11 to June 26, and will feature elite players competing on maps created by Creative mode users such as ImmatureGamer, Enigma, and Dummblond. A nice $3 million prize money is also on the line.

To be honest, as someone who thinks Fortnite’s Creative mode is a truly wonderful tool (and will be even better once Unreal Engine support is introduced), this sounds like a fantastic way to grow the following beyond battle royale. Epic is doing the right thing by allowing normal users to access all of the Creative mode maps. You can also find PC Gamer’s favourite Fortnite Creative codes right here.

Here’s a rundown of the many tournaments that participants will be taking part in.

Blueprint Battle (June 23): Players will need to edit a course full of obstacles faster than anyone else. It’s destruction, without the weapons. CODE: 3840-8537-4348

Bullseye Bonanza: (June 23): Players will have to progress through a map by shooting targets in quick succession. CODE: 9420-6335-1309

High Tier (June 24): It’s a downward race, and players will have to use all the fancy building techniques that schlubs like me don’t even know the names for. “Tunneling, cranking 90s, and waterfalling” for example. I’ve never felt older. CODE: 3947-8128-3885

Play for Keeps (June 25): It’s a 3v3 mode with the top four teams in each region, but with no building abilities. CODE: 5892-6942-6261

All-Star Trickshot: A map designed for free play, where you can goof off to your heart’s content and capture some gameplay clips. CODE: 5332-3250-5319

FNCS All-Star Solo Championship

Epic will have a more traditional solo tournament on June 26. Players will play through six games, all running on Cash Cup regulations. What’s the catch? The player with the most eliminations at the end of each match will get an additional $113 – $1,020.

Epic’s official rules may be found here.

Hype Days

All qualifying Champion League players will be able to compete in this single event from June 18 to June 20.

How to watch FNCS All-Star Showdown

To watch the FNCS All-Star Showdown, Epic offers a dedicated feed. You may access the Fortnite Twitch channel or watch.fortnite.com.

If you watch on Twitch, Epic will give you in-game rewards such as an emoji and a loading screen.

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