Genshin Impact’s update adds a boat and island paradise to explore

Summer is nearly here, and Genshin Impact is celebrating by introducing a brand-new island for players to explore. Midsummer Island Adventure is the name of the latest update, and it includes a new island as well as a slew of new activities, some of which are delightfully summery.

The most notable of these new elements appears to be a boat that may be used to travel around the island. I also discovered additional goodies to acquire, as well as the ship’s gun, which is utilized to blast enemy facilities spread across the shallows.

The teaser reveals a slew of new features for Midsummer Island Adventure, such as a new boss battle and domain (Genshin Impact’s take on dungeons). A new minigame called Kaboomball Kombat, which looks like an explosive variation of Pong, is also available.

In addition to the Midsummer Island Adventure, MiHoYo teases Genshin Impact’s next major region: Inazuma. Inazuma, like each of the major continents, is themed after a distinct element—this time, electro—and will be the game’s first major zone introduced since its release (not counting smaller regions like Dragonspine and this new summer island coming in 1.6). MiHoYo offered some concept art in a news release, which you can see below.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Inazuma region has yet to be released. It’s not even clear if it’ll be in the next major update or something much later.

The Midsummer Island Adventure update for Genshin Impact will be released on June 9.

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