GigaBash is a charming and chaotic kaiju brawler that reminds me of arcades.

If, like me, you saw Godzilla vs. Kong in April and finished up thinking about how surprisingly entertaining the old Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters brawler was, you’ll definitely light up when you see Gigabash, which unveiled a new teaser on Sunday at the PC Gaming Show. Passion Republic Games, a Malaysian indie developer, is working on a four-player kaiju brawler with properly over-the-top attacks and transformations (that’s my way of saying one of the characters is a three-eyed snail).

GigaBash’s zoomed-out, top-down perspective is evocative of arena brawlers like Battlerite, which were briefly popular a few years ago, but I’m disappointed it doesn’t convey the enormous scale of its warriors as well as Destroy All Monsters did. But it also appears to be more centered on comedic, arcadey fun than esports, as Battlerite was—think more Power Stone (RIP) or Smash Bros. You can, for example, pick up entire structures and hurl them at other creatures. When you fill a super bar, your kaiju grows to be approximately four times the size of the other small building-height monsters.

Giga Bash’s kaiju designs are also a lot of fun. I spy a clone Ultraman (who summons a massive freaking mech and a sword when he powers up) and the world’s largest spherical yeti, who I imagine would be embarrassing to lose against.

In keeping with the arcadey vibe, it appears that GigaBash deviates from the traditional kaiju cliche of its monsters being sluggish, ponderous beasts—everyone on the screen appears quick and bouncy, which is a welcome relief in the midst of a four-player free-for-all. Coming from an independent firm, the 3D art also looks really good. It’s detailed but cartoonish enough to be readable.

GigaBash does not yet have a release date, but you may keep up with it via the Discord community or on the official site.

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