Grab a shotgun, tactical roguelike demon slayer. The release date for Jupiter Hell has been set.

Who’s up for a little ripping and tearing? What exactly is it? Everyone?

Jupiter Hell has a release date: August 5, 2021, when it will be released from Early Access. This is the spiritual heir to the original Doom, the Roguelike effort from back in the day that turned the classic shooter into a turn-based tactics game—later renamed DoomRL and then DRL following some legal threats from Zenimax.

Jupiter Hell is essentially a turn-based action shooter in which you employ speed, explosions, and extremely huge weaponry to slaughter a slew of demons as a single enraged space trooper. The entire thing is styled to look like it’s on an ancient CRT display, and it’s set to booming heavy metal music.

ChaosForge has had this in EA for almost two years, and we loved it when it was first released, and I enjoy the cut of its jib today. According to the game description, it’s “like chess… with shotguns!” Except in spirit, this is probably not true.

But that’s a spirit I can get behind.

Jupiter Hell is available for purchase on GOG, Humble, and Steam, as well as its website. ChaosForge created Jupiter Hell, which was released by Hyperstrange.

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