Grime is a psychedelic new Metroidvania with live weaponry and an odd graphic style.

Grime, “a quick and merciless action RPG in which you kill your adversaries with living weapons that morph shape and function,” was one of the strangest new games revealed at this year’s Guerrilla Collective indie expo. That’s an outlandish premise. And, judging by the clip, developer Clover Bite isn’t afraid to get odd, touting its game as having “eye-popping surrealism.”

The Guerrilla Collective teaser was simply an odd sequence, and it doesn’t appear to have been released anywhere yet—so instead, here’s some gameplay footage the developer published to its YouTube account yesterday to give you a flavor of what Grime truly is. It appears to be cool.

The weapons, which are truly live animals, have a particularly appealing sound to me. Grime is described as having a “clawing sword” and “centipede whips,” which should set it different from other games in its crowded category. Massive, difficult bosses, skill advancement, and skill-based combat featuring parries and air juggling are also promised by the developer. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

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