Grindstone: Cartoony violent puzzle-slasher

Since 2019 and 2020, Nintendo Switch and smartphone gamers have been enjoying Grindstone’s wonderfully nasty puzzle-slasher. It’s now coming to PC, as are practically all games. Capybara Games has announced that Grindstone will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store on Thursday, May 20.

The PC version will contain all previous upgrades, including the daily grind mode, as well as a new option called Fortune Grind, which adds a roulette wheel to your daily runs, which might result in extra treasure, dangers, and adversaries. The Fortune Grind update, which is currently live on all platforms, also includes 10 new levels to the Grindstone Mountain campaign, a new healing potion item, and new entries in the recipe book.

Grindstone appears to be a typical Match-3 puzzle game, with an overdone visual style that seems like it came from Cartoon Network. With equipment, powers, opponent diversity, and roguelike advancement, it successfully draws from action RPGs. Jorj, the mustachioed maniac equipped with a knitted cap and a huge ass sword (and, luckily, a pair of pants), can initially only kill foes of the same color in each level. If you kill enough foes, you will be able to chain larger attack combinations, trigger traps, and destroy bosses.

Grindstone Mountain has almost 200 levels to grind through in addition to the randomly generated gauntlet of the daily grind mode. Capybara Titles believes Grindstone is one of the best-rated Switch games of 2020, and Metacritic agrees, calling it a “genre masterpiece” and “one of the great puzzle games of the decade.”

Grindstone will be available on the Epic Games Store on May 20. The final pricing has yet to be disclosed, although it is usually $20 on Switch.

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