Happy Game, which will be released this autumn has an unsettling amount of heads explode.

Christ. Is everything all right, Amanita Design? Watch the new Happy Game trailer to see why I’m concerned.

Cartoon rabbits with forced, fake grins. Hearts that grin with exploding heads. Fields littered with corpses. Monsters gargle on tangles of arms that sprout from their abysmal lips. Yes, happiness is not the first emotion that springs to mind.

The studios behind the sweet Samorost series, the bouncy Botanicula, and the meditative Machinarium return this autumn with Happy Game, which digs into a small boy’s nightmare with the declared purpose of making him happy again. I’m not sure that small child was pleased to begin with, with the type of insane stuff banging about upstairs. Phew.

Perhaps you are capable of doing the impossible. Try Happy Game for yourself: Simply go to the Future Games Exhibition virtual show floor on Steam and play the Happy Game demo to prepare for future trauma. You can also read an interview I had with Amanita back in 2018 when they were started preparing this horror game.

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