Here’s the first look at Jett: The Far Shore, Superbrothers’ ultra-pacifist space sim.

Superbrothers A/V, the indie studio that created Sword and Sworcery back in 2011, made waves last year when it released Jett: The Far Shore. That announcement video didn’t say much beyond “space” and “calm vibes,” but Sony’s State of Play live stream today remedied that a year later with an in-depth gameplay trailer.

Jett is an exploration action game co-developed by Superbrothers A/V and Pine Scented that revolves on your floating spaceship (dubbed a ‘jett’). You’ll spend the day charting an unknown “mythic ocean world” to follow a “hymnwave signal” and escape the planet’s less pleasant inhabitants.

Avoiding is the correct word because Superbrothers states that you will not be battling nature. Instead of rockets and guns, you’ll use scanners and probes to avoid being caught in the planet’s crosshairs.

A “lazy exploring” game in which you must periodically outrun a monster? That seems amazing. Superbrothers appears to be conscious that the tone and appearance recall No Man’s Sky, so it makes it quite clear that Jett is not a survival sim with resource collecting. It appears to be a single-player game with an open environment and plot that you may explore at your leisure. However, you’ll be examining odd flora and exiting your spacecraft for first-person scenes, so maybe it’s not such a horrible analogy after all.

Jett: The Far Shore will be available on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5 sometime in Winter 2021.

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