Immortals Fenyx Rising ‘The Lost Gods’ DLC: Where the Gods at?

Immortals Fenyx Rising has this week’s final DLC and looks like nothing other than a material dump. Judging by Ubisoft’s summary, ‘The Lost Gods’ is going to share with Diablo or Hades more than, say, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with a new top-down ‘god’s eye’ viewpoint, and a fighting system ‘brawler-inspired.’

Diablo-like dungeon? Damn son…

A new protagonist Ash will also be introduced and her quest is a journey to a new nation, the Pyrite Island, to locate and gather gods who left Olympus in a huff after a crash with Zeus. These “lost gods” like Poseidon and Hades must all be persuaded to return to the Pantheon and to bring balance back to the world.”

Additional information is arriving in advance of the expansion’s release date on April 22, but if you like, there’s already a primer quest available in the Golden Isle region of this campaign. This gives a “preview of the future challenges” which will also give you some prizes that can be used on the DLC.

DLC or not, Immortal isn’t the worst way out of time — particularly if Nintendo games emulation ain’t your cup of tea. 

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