In Arcade Paradise, you can turn your dad’s dull laundry into a roaring arcade.

Arcade Paradise, an upcoming indie game that received a new trailer today during the Guerilla Collective broadcast, will allow me to finally realize a longstanding ambition of owning a dingy arcade in 1993.

Players may allegedly buy and install over 30 bespoke arcade games (only to Arcade Paradise, no true classics here) and establish high scores so high that consumers will spend the entire day attempting to beat them. That is a brilliant business strategy right there. Of course, you don’t begin with a fully-equipped arcade. In truth, you’re saddled with operating your father’s (voiced by Geralt himself, Doug Cockle) laundry, but what he doesn’t know probably won’t damage him.

I have so many questions that I hope will be answered when we can actually play it, such as: do you spend the whole game lying to your father about how great the laundry is doing, while pushing new arcade machines in the places where dryers used to be? Do you get to customize the developing arcade’s inside, or is it handled for you?

It appears that a large portion of the game consists of simply playing the arcade games themselves. The few games seen in the clip appear to be okay, but bite-sized minigames are the least exciting aspect of Arcade Paradise’s notion. Arcade Paradise will be released in 2021.

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