In OlliOlli World, skateboard tricks are the most precious money.

A new trailer for OlliOlli World has been released, making its premiere at IGN’s Summer of Gaming Expo. A frogman pitches us on Radlandia, a skating utopia full of anthropomorphic ice cream people and intricate, impossible skate courses.

If you’re not acquainted with OlliOlli, it’s a new generation of skateboarding games that was one of the first to make it feel terrific on a 2D plane. It’s a series game based on large combinations, connecting tricks together with grinds and manuals through tough terrain, and spicing up your routes with as many different flips and grabs as possible. In earlier OlliOlli games, you could keep a single combination over an entire level, and it appears that you’ll be able to do the same in OlliOlli World, with the addition of the ability to choose your path from time to time. Sweet.

I really like the new 3D appearance, especially after seeing this teaser. You gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of board-flips, as well as the chance for some very dynamic camera angles. Leaning in close to enjoy some airtime, a lengthy grind, or the smile of a bird guy with massive muscles seems appealing to me.

This winter, OlliOlli World will be released.

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