In the attractive side-scroller They Always Run, the more arms, the better.

Why do they continually try to flee? I’m not sure, dude, but it’s probably something to do with the three guns you’re carrying.

They Always Run, which debuted at the PC Gaming Show, is a side-scrolling cyberpunk space western that puts you in the shoes of an alien bounty hunter, traveling throughout the cosmos in pursuit of your next payout. Granted, this may just mean transporting freight or gaining precious loot, but most of the time you’ll be chopping and slicing through criminal thugs.

Fortunately, your alien limb count isn’t just for show. Aiden (yep, the alien’s name is Aiden) is a multi-tasker, utilizing his third arm to both toss adversaries in battle and choose bouts with many adversaries, as well as offer new possibilities for controlling the environment.

Aiden’s jobs will lead him and his increasing team through a galaxy of hand-painted settings, where they will become embroiled in an interplanetary conspiracy while performing a slew of murders with various firearms and weaponry. They Always Run will be available on Steam later this year.

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