In the Port Forward update, Ooblets moves to the arcade.

The new Ooblets update introduces a completely new feature to the charming farming and creature gathering but also dancing fights game: it moves to the arcade. The new Port Forward region includes new Ooblets, stores, décor, stoves, recipes, and everything else you’d expect from an ooblets upgrade. It also contains a surprising six new mini-games on the Port Forward beachfront, all of which require a good score in order to get access to the region’s Oobnet tower.

Don’t worry, you may also bribe the repairman to just hack your name into the high score. It’s there in case you don’t enjoy one type of game, or just loathe minigames, or simply don’t want to bother, so you may Bill Gates your way through the obstacle by excelling at farming instead.

If you missed it, the new region is dubbed Port Forward, which is the most inside-baseball PC Gaming joke I’ve seen in years.

It also features a new burner dubbed the Irn Stuv, which is rather amusing if you are familiar with Scotland’s favourite sugary carbonated beverage.

It’s now available, so go get your Port Forward on by downloading Ooblets from the Epic Games Store. The entire Port Forward patch notes may be seen on the Ooblets website.

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