In this charming teahouse sim, make friends with tea-loving cat customers.

This year’s Wholesome Direct at E3 appears to be centered on kitties and coziness. Pekoe by Kitten Cup Studio appears to be a wonderful mixture of the two since it is a game about running a little teahouse for cats while making friends with your feline clientele.

There will be over ten different animal pals to meet, as well as seven different teahouses serving you a fresh brew. From the manner the tea is brewed to the cup it’s delivered in, each character will have their own preferences.

Making tea for various personalities will foster bonds and bring you closer together. Pekoe will provide context on what a cup of tea means to each animal buddy through traditions, ceremonies, and good old-fashioned conversation. You’ll also be able to enhance and personalize your teahouse with various pieces of décor, including items gifted to you by your new cat buddies.

It also appears to be a very in-depth tea brewing sim, as you’ll be plucking your own tea leaves by learning when, when, and which leaves are ideal to pluck for the ideal cuppa, as well as learning about the different teas as you acquire more recipes. It all seems so beautiful and relaxing—nothing there’s cozier than a hot drink with a fuzzy pal.

Pekoe is scheduled to be released in 2022, and you can already wishlist it on Steam.

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