In this co-op survival sandbox, you may be a trigger-happy spellcaster

There’s something intrinsically amusing about a magician drawing a pistol from his robes and just shooting away. I think it’s because they’re generally conjuring up cryptic spells or waving magic wands that seeing one pull out a handgun and shoot someone feels so out of place.

So the Wizard with a Gun announcement trailer is sort of amusing, but it also looks really good. According to the creator, it’s an “online cooperative sandbox survival game set in a mystical wilderness fraught with hazardous animals and esoteric mysteries.” While you may play alone, you may also invite friends to join you for a 4-player co-op wizarding adventure.

“Carefully create weapons, bullets, and furnishings for your tower home, but try not to burn it down when the power you wield rises beyond your control,” according to the game’s Steam website. “Combine elements to create planned or unexpected effects that change the shot, explosion radius, bullet trail, and even the state of the monster in your sights.”

“Explore and discover new areas of the globe filled with deserts, marshes, tundra, and prairies that have been loosely drifting together across space and time since the globe was divided. Unleash cosmic power from the shelter of your tower to reset the universe and return to once-familiar places with a new layout.”

You may personalize your wizard’s armor, robe, cap, and other accouterments, and those firearms appear to do more than simply fire bullets: Some missiles burst into flames, some establish structures in the globe, while still others appear to be putting down floor tiles to construct with.

I like the art, animation, and concept just from glancing at the trailer. Unfortunately, Wizard with a Gun will not be released until 2022. I would have gotten it sooner if I could wave a magic wand.

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