Kazuya from Tekken is the new fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Kazuya from Tekken will be the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, according to Nintendo. He was revealed in Nintendo’s E3 2021 event.

Since its release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has acquired a variety of DLC characters, with Piranha Plant being a free download for early adopters. Joker from Persona 5 was the first actual DLC character, as confirmed during the 2018 Game Awards. Piranha Plant, Joker, Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Terry, Byleth, Min-Min, Steve, Sephiroth, and Pyra/Mythra have previously been revealed as DLC characters for the game. Masahiro Sakurai has announced that there would be no third Fighters Pass, implying that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC is nearing its end.

During Nintendo’s E3 2021 preview, the penultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character was unveiled. Kazuya from the Tekken Series is the next character to be introduced to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The trailer was released as part of the E3 Direct, which can be viewed on the official Nintendo YouTube account. On June 28, there will be a mini-Direct about Kazuya.

Kazuya had a fantastic teaser in which he threw a slew of Nintendo characters into a volcano. Kirby was the only one who managed to flee, as he floated away. Kazuya’s combat style is similar to that of the Tekken games, and he can change into Devil Kazuya in his Final Smash. It’s a little disheartening to see another fighting game character after Ryu, Ken, and Terry, because it’ll be difficult for Kazuya to play differently from them. The Tekken series is lots of fascinating characters to pick from, yet Kazuya feels like one of the more boring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate choices, especially when there is only one more DLC fighter spot available. Still, he outperforms another Fire Emblem character.

Owners of the second Fighters Pass will be able to download Kazuya for free as soon as it becomes available. Once Kazuya is published, the second (and last) Fighters Pass will only have one character left. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcements have had their highs and lows, and the pressure is on Masahiro Sakurai and his crew to make one final stunning surprise. If they succeed, it will be a fitting conclusion to the best-selling fighting game of all time.

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