KeyWe is a very cute puzzle game starring mail birds out this August

I don’t think I need to explain the appeal of KeyWe, a game in which you control kiwi birds in a remote post office. As previously stated, if your game features a bird, I’m already intrigued, and mail birds? Double-sold.

The kiwi birds in KeyWe are named Jeff and Debra (adorable!) and have a tough job running a full post office by themselves. With that role, KeyWe becomes a bit of a puzzle game, if you’d call it Overcooked! a puzzle game in which you control the birds and bounce around the post office, piecing word fragments into letters to ship out. With intricate word conveyor belts, storms, insect bites, and haunting, things seemed to be escalating swiftly. New Zealand appears to be weird.

“Whether they’re typing telegrams, packing shipping crates, or helping an octopus sort the mail—all it’s in a day’s work for Jeff and Debra,” developer Joel explains during KeyWe’s part at the E3 Future Games Show.

I’m still struggling to wrap my brain around the concept of a post office that employs both kiwis and an octopus, but it appears to be a happy place. And Joel closes with a powerful statement: “You can dress up your kiwis.” I’ll do it, Joel. I will.

As you may have guessed, KeyWe is a co-op game, so you’ll need to find a Jeff to go along with your Debra before the game releases on August 31. More information is available on Steam.

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