Knockout City’s upcoming season offers a new ball type, map, and additional events.

Knockout City, one of 2021’s unexpected successes that I can’t get enough of, will get a slew of additional content when Season 2 premieres in July. Knockout City Season 2 will launch on July 27 featuring a new special ball type, a new level, special events (such as the current Heatwave event), contracts, and cosmetics, developer Velan Studios said today in a blog post.

If you’ve been dodgebrawling as much as I have, a new special ball and map sound quite appealing right about now. There are only six locales in all, including the Jukebox Junction map, which was introduced in the game’s early days. Each map has its own gimmick that may have a big influence on how a battle plays out (Galaxy Burger’s garbage chutes and Knockout Roundabout’s traffic spring to mind), so I’m excited to see what else Velan has in store. Maybe it’s time for a beach battle with sand that affects jumping?

This is all stated in the revised official plan, which basically describes KO City’s next six months:

The new sort of special ball is much more fascinating. With the current pool of five (Moon Ball, Sniper Ball, Cage Ball, Multi-Ball, and Bomb Ball), there’s plenty of diversity, but the community has clearly identified its favorites (and least-favorites) since its debut. Some of the criticisms I’ve seen like the Sniper Ball slowing down the action or the Multi-Ball being too simple to spam are shared by me. It’s unknown whether Velan intends to balance current balls, therefore I’d want to see new ball types added to the mix as soon as possible to improve the probability of playing with one I truly appreciate.

What type of ball is on its way? In a recent tweet, Velan teased something about balloons, but it appears to be connected to a new cosmetic or something, so don’t take it as a hint that a Balloon Ball is on the way (though I’m wondering what it would be like).

The beauty of KO City’s special balls is that they can be pretty much anything, so here’s my suggestion: the Ricochet Ball, a dollar store bouncy ball-style ball that can automatically trace a route to an out-of-reach adversary by bouncing off various objects along the way. Similar to what a regular curveball can already accomplish, but turned up to 11.

Meanwhile, Velan will keep gamers occupied for a few more weeks with Knockout City’s Heatwave event. If you haven’t visited every location to collect popsicles or finished the smallest contracts to gain some simple cosmetics, now is the moment.

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