Konami’s latest multiplayer murder mystery combines anime, Among Us, and Sherlock Holmes.

Few fictional rivalries are more well-known than that of the great investigator Sherlock Holmes and his equally brilliant adversary Moriarty. CrimeSight, a new social deduction game in the works at Konami, will relaunch its long-running story with an intriguing sci-fi twist.

CrimeSight is set in London in the year 2075 when a crime has been decreased by 90 percent throughout the world owing to data collecting and analytic software that can detect most criminal behavior before it occurs. However, this peaceful future takes a tragic turn as the software predicts a horrible act that threatens the entire world. As a result, its developers do the obvious and create a brand-new AI with only one goal: to investigate and avert this awful catastrophe.

This AI is known as Sherlock.

However, when the new software examines the evidence, it comes to a terrible, almost unthinkable conclusion. Another AI is at the core of these occurrences, one that is as strong as Sherlock himself.

The AI known asĀ Moriarty.

Isn’t it dramatic? In practice, CrimeSight is a 2-4 player multiplayer murder-mystery involving a group of six “pawns” caught together by a raging blizzard: one a killer, the other a target, and the rest merely four people who would rather be someplace else. Team Moriarty must provide the villain a weapon and then place them in the same room as the victim, with no one else within line of sight, so the murder may be done.

It looks like a combination between Clue and Among Us, with an anime paint job and a sprinkle of Minority Report thrown in for good measure, but an asymmetric whodunit seems like a very fascinating twist on multiplayer tactics. There is no release date yet, but interested players may sign up for a chance to participate in a limited beta that began today and will go through July 11. Details on how to participate, as well as further information on CrimeSight itself, may be found at konami.com.

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