Lego Builder’s Journey is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this month

The erstwhile Apple Arcade exclusive Lego Builder’s Journey is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC later this month.

Light Brick Studio first published the game for iOS in December 2019, but it has now been confirmed that the title will be spreading to additional platforms on June 22. This marks the end of the game’s time on Apple’s subscription service, allowing new players to try out the experimental challenges.

The PC version of the game makes extensive use of NVIDIA graphics hardware, resulting in a noticeable speed gain. Ray-tracing is a new function in this edition that will strive to make the game’s world’s bricks seem remarkably realistic.

Lego Builder’s Journey is unlike any other Lego game. While most family platformers, especially those based on big properties, are more focused on younger audiences, this is a calmer puzzle game aimed at older audiences. The game’s title puts you in command of a miniature Lego figure attempting to navigate a square level. The pieces are used by the players to design paths around the maps and escape little perils on their trip. Light Brick Studio, Lego’s in-house game development studio, won Best Mobile Game at the Golden Joysticks Awards 2020.

The game takes the player on a journey across numerous biomes, from mountain ranges to industrial regions to gorgeous oases. Consider it a more subdued blend of Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble visualizing how all of this may come together. Along with the news, a trailer has been released:

The game is now available on both the Nintendo eShop and Steam. While it does not yet have pricing on PC, it is available for $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s fantastic to see the Lego Group create these more creative games, especially since that the Lego brand has grown into an adult activity. While most people have a mental image of what a Lego game looks like, this provides another mood that demonstrates the range that the brand may showcase in video games.

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