Lumberhill is a log-chopping party game that features pandas.

To be honest, I don’t know much about tree cutting. So I’m willing to trust the creators of the co-op party game Lumberhill when they say that getting abducted by pterodactyls is as much a part of the lumberjack experience as wearing flannel shirts.

Lumberhill, which debuted alongside its current teaser at the PC Gaming Show, is to tree-felling what Overcooked was to meal prep. Up to four flannel-clad ‘jacks’ race across a map, doing timber-related tasks including chopping trees, building bridges, and (in an unexpected twist) herding animals. Hey, it’s 2021, we’ve all had to work someplace.

The other surprise is that our ‘jacks’ are being hurled across time and space, a motley team of wood-cutters from throughout history laying timber together. On several maps, you’ll be fighting pirates, rolling pandas, and avoiding pterodactyls. If I had to deal with this foolishness, I’d be seeking to unionise the lumberjack scene.

Lumberhill is now available on Steam.

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